There are stories to tell in Aljezur castle

The castle of Aljezur is the stage this Saturday, 22 September, of a different show in which stories are unravelled in the unique atmosphere of the ruins on top of the Algarve town.

In Greek mythology, the Moiras were weavers of the destinies of men and gods. In Saturday’s show, it is the hosts who spin stories, tales, songs and poetry.

By illuminating the words, they create images of the past, present and future. Invoking the stories and histories of the place, they take a new look at the past and its role in the construction of individual and collective identity.

As Desfiadoras sobem ao palco no sábado
Aljezur Castle is the stage to a different show

With a symbolic aesthetic component present throughout the show, the thread, in constant movement between the hands of the millers and the audience, creates the web in which everyone is involved. In its simple complexity, it intends that each tale shared by the three millers is diluted in time but is not forgotten. The Unravellers will give voice to their stones that for centuries have held stories of enchanted Moorish women and fearless knights.

This is a show conceived and performed by Ana Machado, Carla Moreira and Joana Espiñal, with sound arrangements by Pedro Guerreiro. It is organised by Associação Teia D’Impulsos and is part of DiVam – Dinamização e Valorização dos Monumentos.

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