Marvão: a photo essay

Like an eagle’s nest, Marvão looms high above, impregnable. Miguel’s photo essay among the whites of the houses, the browns of the wall and all the colours of the vast horizon.

No one has an equal experience along the same paths and the photographer’s eye, we know it well, is different from all the others. Marvão is an old friend, visited time and time again. It doesn’t bring us anything new, but always the same pleasure to climb the hill, breach the wall and walk through the white houses to the top, where the castle is.

Miguel, this time, chose not to enter the castle, that the late afternoon and its light demanded exploring the streets of the village. They are contrasts, horizons, signs of life that are portrayed here.

The photos are all by Miguel Montez.

Even before Marvão
On the road from Castelo de Vide, , one of the country’s most iconic straights
Like an eagle's nest, Marvão high above
In Portagem, Marvão appears in the horizon
The Convent and the skyline, from the Marvão wall
The Convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela, out of doors
Village in the heart of Marvão
In Marvão, the sacred and the profane
St James’ Church has been a parish since the 14th century
On the top, the fortification wall that surrounds the town of Marvão
The wall seems to rise from the escarpment
There are people inside the town of Marvão
In the evening, the windows are opened to let in as much fresh air as possible
With the horizon as far as the eye can see
man and nature
Brown and white
Farewell Marvão
The day bids farewell.
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